Bermudian jeweler Rebecca returned home to Bermuda from the UK in 2012 and has quickly settled in and set up her studio where she continues to design and make the jewellery by hand. Striding ahead, she received several Best of Bermuda Awards as well as the Made in Bermuda Award.

She has found fresh inspiration from her new surroundings including the stark contours of Bermuda's architecture in particular the unique stepped roofs, chimneys and details. She also uses triangle shaped freshwater pearls referencing the infamous Bermuda triangle. Sailing is such a huge part of Bermuda's culture and in her 'nautical' collection Rebecca explores classic sailing knots and rigging for inspiration.

Rebecca graduated from UCA in Farnham, UK and the Bishopsland Postgraduate Training Course, UK in 2007 and her unique jewellery has won several awards and has been exhibited at prestigious exhibitions such as Goldsmiths' Fair and COLLECT in London. 

Her previous beautiful designs including the 'twill' 'ribbon' and 'layered' collections are inspired by delicate, flowing fabrics with their rich textures, agility and softness.  She is fascinated with the relationship between textile and metal and this is clearly demonstrated in her intriguing collections where she explores recreating textile like qualities in precious metals.  She developed her own unique technique for connecting components that allows movement creating fluid, tactile and sculptural pieces.