Bermuda Kites

cicis secret bermuda traditions bermuda kitesWe love the super stylish Catherine of Ci-Ci's Secrets and especially loving her recent story on Bermuda traditions (and outfits of course!) over the Easter weekend featuring our new Bermuda Kites!

cicis secret bermuda traditions bermuda kitesShe shares her families Easter Weekend traditions... 'After church we would fly kites for the rest of the day while devouring hot cross buns and fish cakes all day long as well- in true Bermudian tradition!'

cicis secret bermuda traditions bermuda kites'The necklace resembles a hummer kite’s geometric shape but subtle enough were it makes just a really beautiful necklace design but still has key kite details, like its pearl detailed tail, to make it truly unique and a truly meaningful piece. This collection really allows you to wear a little Bermuda history that looks stunning on!'

Click to read the full story over on her blog...

Click for the new Bermuda Kite collection...

March 24, 2016 by rebecca little
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