I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Catherine of Cici's Secret's blog recently when she requested some of my jewellery for a post she was working on. I love her style and blog especially as she includes the best local, Bermudian finds! 'Super cute knots of love rings and other knot-inspired and beautiful pink pearl jewelry that would make the ideal gift for your lovely lady, bestfriend, or even a treat to yourself because you deserve it!'

'You can’t even begin to imagine how carefully each and every one of her pieces are so delicately detailed to represent the accessories of a sailboat, and specifically that rope kind of feel! I don’t think I’ve ever realized how much work and paying attention to ‘the finer detail’ jewelry making takes; and she does this art oh so beautifully. It was amazing to been given the chance to see it up close.'

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February 24, 2016 — rebecca little